Help! I’ve Been In An Accident!

You’ve just been in an accident and now your car is damaged.
Here is what to do:

If your car is driveable and there are no injuries, move your car off the road. It’s state law in New Jersey and you will be safer off the road while you wait for a tow. Your insurance company does not require you to leave the vehicle in place and you will not jeopardize your claim by moving to a safer location.
If your car is not driveable enough to reach home or a repair shop, you need to call for a tow. We offer towing to our to our gated, locked yard monitored by 24 hour video surveillance. Call 732-897-0909 for ABC to tow your vehicle to our yard. Please wait for the tow in a safe location off the road. Stay clear of passing traffic.
Contact your insurance company using their claim reporting phone number. While you wait, review our Insurance: What to Know page to learn your rights under the law.
As soon as we are able to evaluate your vehicle, Auto Body Concepts will contact you to explain the damage and recommend repairs.
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