The Repair Process

Estimate & Authorization
ABC prepares a free estimate and discusses it with you. The estimate includes an estimated completion date and cost. Once you accept the estimate, you sign a repair authorization and work begins.
ABC works with your insurance company as needed to negotiate the work, then orders and receives the necessary parts for the repair.
ABC completes the repair as authorized, including disassembly of damaged parts, structural and body repairs, and installation of new panels and parts. If there are any issues or additional work needed, a supplementary repair authorization document is prepared and approved by you.
Painting & Finishing
Vehicle requiring body repairs are primed, sealed, and corrosion protected after the body repair is completed. Then, the vehicle or panels are pressure-washed and chemically cleaned, primed, sanded, sealed, taped, bagged, masked, and transferred to the spray booth. Technicians then use a multi-step refinishing process with acrylic urethane paint to repaint the vehicle where the repair was done.
Final Inspection & Pickup / Delivery
Finally, any reassembly is completed, the vehicle is detailed and a final inspection and test drive is completed. The vehicle repair is now complete and the owner is notified for pickup or delivery.
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